Mirror Mirror – Life After Recovery

Life after recovery isn’t perfect. I think some people assume that it’s all a field of daisies and everything comes easy.          A few weeks ago I had a woman look at me in my office and tell me “You’re skinny now, so it’s easy for you”.   My heart went out to her! My dear [...]

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When am I moving home? 

  So many caring and sweet friends have asked this. So many prayer warriors have interceded for me against my homesickness.   The answer to that question is a simple.  I have circled a prayer for the last few years to help women. To be given a platform to speak into women the same confidence [...]

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Roll Excuses Roll

It is so easy to blame our plight on the circumstances around us, isn't it? I will raise my hand first and say "I have been making excuses.” For the last 5 months it has been easy to blame my move & circumstances as to why my lifting and cardio vascular workouts had ceased. I mean [...]

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{Image Breakthrough}

The thing about progress is sometimes you don’t realize how far you’ve come until a moment of breakthrough hits. This picture was taken today while goofing off with my sisters about mowing the yard. One picture that took less than a second to snap led to breakthrough that has been a long time coming. Breakthrough from a battle I didn’t even realize I was fighting. […]

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Runway Body

   I wrote this on April 27,2015 and I have kept from publishing it because I kept thinking it needed more refinishing. Tonight I finally realized the beauty of this post is that its raw (in grammar and truth ).      In all honesty I hardly do “selfies” much less this type. This is out of my comfort zone for me, way out, but that seems to be the theme of my life these days.          Hi.  My name is Christine. I am a manager at Anytime Fitness, certified personal trainer, and I don’t have a “Runway” body. ↓See below…No Runway to be found. ↓   […]

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