Midnight Revelations

This may be the least grammatically correct, or smoothly flowing post I have ever put up. But the words came tonight and I feel they are so important that it cannot wait. I wrote something similar 1 year ago this past month called "Image Breakthrough", but still this is different, this is more business minded [...]

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Finding My Strength After Pregnancy

I used to think that the saying strong is the new skinny meant when your muscles show right? So instead of size 0 seek defined muscle. I was wrong. You see post pregnancy has taught me a thing or two. Now don't get me wrong I LOVE when my muscles show. When I'm leaned out [...]

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Mirror Mirror – Life After Recovery

Life after recovery isn’t perfect. I think some people assume that it’s all a field of daisies and everything comes easy.          A few weeks ago I had a woman look at me in my office and tell me “You’re skinny now, so it’s easy for you”.   My heart went out to her! My dear [...]

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When am I moving home? 

  So many caring and sweet friends have asked this. So many prayer warriors have interceded for me against my homesickness.   The answer to that question is a simple.  I have circled a prayer for the last few years to help women. To be given a platform to speak into women the same confidence [...]

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Roll Excuses Roll

It is so easy to blame our plight on the circumstances around us, isn't it? I will raise my hand first and say "I have been making excuses.” For the last 5 months it has been easy to blame my move & circumstances as to why my lifting and cardio vascular workouts had ceased. I mean [...]

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