Runway Body

   I wrote this on April 27,2015 and I have kept from publishing it because I kept thinking it needed more refinishing. Tonight I finally realized the beauty of this post is that its raw (in grammar and truth ).      In all honesty I hardly do “selfies” much less this type. This is [...]

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Finding Contentment In Health While Living In A World Of Skinny

A couple weeks ago I posted a “throwback” picture. I explained in the caption about how I couldn’t enjoy the picture until recently. After it was posted I had several women contact me through various outlets. They stated things such as “I reached my lowest weight ever, my goal weight, and I am still unhappy”, [...]

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The Truth About Life Inside The Thin Cage

This subject is something I have wanted to write about for over a year now. It is one that you won’t hear much about, and is something I have told only a handful of people. Mostly because it is hard to explain a battle that can’t be seen on the outside. To talk about weight [...]

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My Journey in Weight Loss and Finding My Anytime Fitness Family

Although this chapter in my life is about my weight loss, my journey has been about more than just dropping pounds. It’s been a journey of finding hope, releasing my insecurities, overcoming Orthorexia Nervosa, and finding balance. Without discovering the identity that I have in being a daughter of the King of Kings, I couldn't [...]

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