Runway Body

Runway Body

   I wrote this on April 27,2015 and I have kept from publishing it because I kept thinking it needed more refinishing. Tonight I finally realized the beauty of this post is that its raw (in grammar and truth ).
   In all honesty I hardly do “selfies” much less this type. This is out of my comfort zone for me, way out, but that seems to be the theme of my life these days.


       Hi.👋  My name is Christine. I am a manager at Anytime Fitness, certified personal trainer, and I don’t have a “Runway” body.
See below…No Runway to be found. 

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Did you get that?
I work out, I manage a gym and I probably don’t have the body you think of when you hear “gym manager”.
    I am 21% body fat, I don’t have a thigh gap, rock arms, or washboard abs. I don’t workout 4 times a day anymore and I’m no longer a size 2. I have stretch marks from former years of obesity, a hip to hip scar from corrective surgery from the obesity damage, cellulite that is a part of life,  a “muffin top” and “jiggle” on my thighs. 
   Most importantly I have health and balance.  Mentally , physically and most of all spiritually. I am happy and enjoying life that is lived with strength and dignity. A life lived without nit picking and constant insecurity. I have stretch marks that tell a story and a lifetime of wisdom gained from the road of insecurity. For everything that someone can say “isn’t runway worthy” or “doesn’t look like a fitness professional” I can confidently and honestly name something about my body that I love. There is so much beauty to be found. in ourselves. 
I am blessed to share my journey of health and hope with the many women that come into Anytime Fitness. I love knowing I can look them and say “I get it. Let’s find your health together”.
   Sometimes though, and lately it seems more often than not – I hear them say;
  You’re skinny now though so it’s not hard for you.”
  “I don’t look like I workout, so I don’t know.”
  “Don’t you need to have cute workout clothes and look all together?”
  “Well maybe let me lose 5lbs first and get a little better then I’ll join.”
  “You probably bounced back fine, my body won’t.”
  “I just want to be skinny”
  “I just want to look like I did when I was 15 years younger.
   Some can’t even look up from the floor when they talk about their bodies. This breaks my heart because I have been there! That place where you can’t talk about shopping, losing weight or even take a compliment because everything seems shameful.
   So this picture is for every woman that thinks  health only means a rock hard body. That it means perfection or skinny. For every woman that has stretch marks and is ashamed. For every woman who lets her muffin top, stretch marks, jiggle, or anything else stop her from reaching for and digging into her goals.
   I’ve said it in previous posts. We must stop striving for a photo-shopped picture we saw in a magazine. We must stop comparing ourselves! Instead we must strive for a healthy body fat level, healthy blood pressure or more endurance and energy. Balanced goals.
Sweet woman, Find your identity in the Lord, not perfection.
Love your body. 
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