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Roll Excuses Roll

It is so easy to blame our plight on the circumstances around us, isn’t it?

I will raise my hand first and say “I have been making excuses.” For the last 5 months it has been easy to blame my move & circumstances as to why my lifting and cardio vascular workouts had ceased. I mean I can count on one hand how many times I lifted before July and I had the excuses alright!

I can’t workout during office hours anymore.

I don’t have AJ to train me anymore.

I lost all my lifting partners like Callie & Casey.

People want my help at the gym outside of office hours lifting never prevails.

I have to go home and attend to my dogs.

The list has been endless. Honestly just ask the people I work with. At one point I even blamed them and bless their precious hearts it isn’t their fault, but they had grace with me regardless.

So let’s recap for a moment.

I work at Anytime Fitness. That is right, I manage a 24 hour nationwide fitness facility. We as a brand say: “No excuses. Workout Anywhere, Anytime. Get to a healthier place.” I am sitting here telling people day in and day out “You say you don’t have time, but you must make time for your health, let’s push aside the excuses and figure this out together” meanwhile I am over here just making excuses like the biggest hypocrite in the world.

*Jaw Drop*

Let’s get down to it and look at what an excuse really is.

An excuse is a way to blame others for your actions or inaction instead of taking responsibility.


So I blamed my inaction on moving to where I didn’t have workout partners, didn’t know anyone, and couldn’t workout during office hours. So the other 12 hours a day apparently didn’t exist, I wasn’t open to actually searching for a partner, or seeking out another gym to workout at. What part of that was anyone’s fault but mine?

Part of taking your life back is also taking responsibility back. So, in the last month or so I stopped complaining and just started asking to jump in workouts with people. I am blessed to have a new friend who always says yes, and is so selfless to let me lift with her. But had I sat here sulking instead of starting to ask, then I would still be stuck in the land of excuses and muscle loss.

Today in fact, I said yes to lifting with some new acquaintances and it paid off with me going up 20lbs in my squat! Instead of waiting for some BFFE to walk in my life and be an AJ or a Callie I just started putting myself out there or saying yes to people I had watched be dedicated and had a good vibe.

I am only a month in and I already feel my energy returning, I  am seeing my strength and gains come back, positive mindset, determination to get my workouts in regardless and I am starting to make new friends.


But in order to do that, I had to stop making excuses.


Here are some of the top Fitness related excuses for people not working out:

1. “Well I have kids and I just have to be home with my family, but it is impossible to workout there”

I am so glad that you are putting family first and want to be with them! That is awesome!! However, what is going to happen when you don’t have the health or energy to be there for them? Did you know that there are several workout programs online that you can follow from home without needing equipment? Jamie Eason & Kelsey Byers in fact are parents while being fitness experts and have put programs out there for parents. You should put effort and commitment into one of those before the kids awake or after they go to sleep.

2.”I am exhausted after work”

We are all exhausted after work. Honestly. But if my friends can work in 110 degree heat all day doing manual labor and still have energy for the gym, you better bet we can too.

3. “A gym is just too far away”

Again, online programs, body weight movements, and minimal equipment – these things are your best friend. Home is a hard place to workout at and not get distracted but go into the yard, to a park or make yourself focused and get your workout in.

4. “I just can’t afford a gym.”

See answer above. But also look at how much fast food, Starbucks or anything else you might need to cut back on health wise that could easily pay for a membership each month.

5. “I don’t know how to workout but I can’t afford a trainer”

Read! Read articles online, magazines, and books, anything you can get your hands on! Read and learn about working out and be your trainer! You can do it!! I did it!

6. But I have “this injury” or “this disease”.

GREAT! You have identified a possible set back. Lets make a game plan around that issue but lets not quit the entire game over something we can work around.


           I am sure there are some sitting there reading this and thinking “I don’t make excuses” but let’s be real for a moment and know that we all make excuses at some point. Even if it isn’t about working out.  Most often I hear people make excuses when apologizing for something. In fact I did it for a long time until someone very dear to me pointed it out in a tough love way. People blame not going to church on the church or hypocrites or they blame our sin on the world or on temptation & the flesh. Just look at how much we blame others by how many lawsuits are happening, how many people take offense and how many communities argue. We blame our overdraft on the bank or our bad day on someone else and their attitude. 

When will we as individuals, communities and a nation start taking responsibility instead of making excuses? When we do that we will start to see success in many areas of our lives.

What area of your life is suffering because you refuse to take responsibility and action?

Be a world changer not a world renowned excuse maker.


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